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Survivors- The Complete Seasons 1 and 2 DVD Review

“Survivors” never lives up to its potential.

“Survivors,” a remake of the 1975-1977 British TV series, is a recently canceled 12 episodes 2 season series about a virus epidemic. The series revolves around a number of characters who recovered from the virus or were immune from the virus such as a mother looking for her child (Abby), a criminal (Tom), a rich man (Al), a young boy (Najid), a tough, independent man (Greg), a spoiled woman (Sarah), and a Doctor (Anya). Together these characters come together to try and survive. Story plots include scavenging for food and supplies to stay alive, a dangerous Government official (Samantha Willis), communities of peaceful and violent survivors, a virus mutation, scientists, murder, attempts to find a cure for the virus, trading, trying to find a proper home, and romance.

As a huge fan of post-apocalptic fiction, I was severely let down by “Survivors.” First and foremost, the series never really felt like a post-apoc series as it was never dark or disturbing enough. Not only do the characters seem remarkably well adjusted considering all that they have been through but we never get a real sense of the effects and damage that the virus caused. It’s not unfair to expect a more in depth glimpse at this “new world,” but we never do. Sure, you could blame this issue on the budget limitations, but I’ve seen several series and films do a lot with a little. “Survivors” simply comes off as phony and unconvincing.

An even bigger problem is that none of the characters are remotely likeable. These are bland characters that simply lack depth (take Abby for instance). It doesn’t help that their idiotic actions often make you groan out loud. I just didn’t care about anything that was going on and the melodramatic situations and pitiful dialogue didn’t help either.

Summary: The 2008 “Survivors” is not worth your time.

The widescreen picture quality is fine throughout. Along with “Doctor Who,” this is one of the better looking BBC shows I have seen as of late. The Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track has clean sounding audio.


* Easter egg and trailers for “Torchwood,” “The State Within,” “State Of Play,” “Primeval,” and “Doctor Who.”
* “A New World: The Making Of Survivors”- A 27 minute making of that includes set footage, cast/crew interviews, discussions about the show, plot, and characters.
* Character profiles for Abby Grant, Tom Price, Greg Preston in which the actors, actresses, and showrunner Adrian Hodges discuss their own characters.
* A featurette on the F/X of “Survivors.”

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