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Tooth Fairy Blu-ray Review

“Tooth Fairy” is about as fun as a root canal.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was on a path to become the next action movie star, but lately he has resorted to doing unwatchable kid flicks such as “The Game Plan,” “Race To Witch Mountain,” and now “Tooth Fairy.” ‘Tooth’ sees the Rock embarrassing himself to a whole new degree as a rude, aging hockey player named Derek (nicknamed the Tooth Fairy) who becomes an actual tooth fairy because he is guilty of shattering children’s dreams. Now, Derek has to carry out his Fairy duties while also juggling his hockey job and a girlfriend and her kids. Can Derek learn a few lessons to turn his life around or will he continue to be a heartless jerk? Chances are you won’t care by the time the ending rolls around.

“Tooth Fairy” is unquestionably the worst film of 2010 thus far. Few things are more painful then enduring cringe worthy humor involving the Rock in a pink tutu, dog bark mints, amnesia dust, shrinking paste and dialogue such as “You can’t handle the tooth” or “You should shoe me some respect.” Even worse, we have to see talented cast members such as Billy Crystal, Seth MacFarlane and Julie Andrews throwing their careers away for a quick buck. Every cast member deserves better than this cheap, unfunny morality tale.

Summary: Avoid “Tooth Fairy”.

The 1.85:1 1080p picture quality is fine just like most new releases. Likewise, I have no complaints with the 5.1 DTS-HD other than having to hear the wretched dialogue via a superb Hi-Def track.

* Fox trailers (including a theatrical trailer for “The Tooth Fairy).
* DVD and digital copy discs.
* Intro. by director Michael Lembeck.
* A gag reel as unfunny as the movie.
* 6 deleted scenes with optional intros by director Michael Lembeck.
* “Tooth Fairy Training Center”- An instructional video of sorts for kids.
* Fairyoke with optional commentary by director Michael Lembeck. Dwayne Johnson and Stephen Merchant do karaoke.
* A series of 8 behind-the-scenes featurettes that cover everything from the sets to the f/x.
* Commentary by director Michael Lembeck. It’s an enthusiastic track, but I doubt few people want to hear about the production of this movie.

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