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No Time For Sergeants dvd review

If all you know of Andy Griffith as an actor is the mild mannered sheriff of Mayberry or the southern gentleman lawyer Matlock, this film will have you looking at Griffith in a brand new way.  This is one of the all time great performances by Griffith and one of the best comedies of the 1950s.

Griffith plays country bumpkin Will Stockdale, who is drafted into the Air Force, along with hyperstrung Nick Adams as his buddy Ben and Mr. Cool,  Irvin, played to the hilt by Murray Hamilton.  The new draftees are sent to basic training where they meet Sergeant Orville King, played by Myron McCormick. King has been in the military for a long time and does not want anything to rock his boat before he retires.

There are many memorable lines in the film. My favorite is when they try to get Stockdale drunk and they add lighter fluid to his drink to remind him of the corn whiskey he had back home.  After he drinks it, he states” It’s familiar.”  There is P.L.O-which stands for Permanent Latrene Orderly, which Stockdale considers an honor, fixing up toilet seats to stand and salute when the Captain comes to inspect.  And then there is the first pairing of Griffith with Don Knotts.  Knotts plays one of the testers Stockdale is submitted to for passing basic training.  It’s classic Knotts, as he gets more and more wound up during the exam and is one of the most hilarious bits in the picture.  Of course, they would pair up again on Mayberry.

The black and white picture is acceptable, with a few noticeable flaws but overall tone quality and contrast is right on for such an old film. Sound is mono and comes out of the center channel; I really wish Warner would change that to two mono channels from left and right front speakers for home theater.  Other than that, the disc is bare bones but can be had for a great price.  Many fans have been waiting for this comedy and its finally here on dvd.  Pick this one up, you won’t be disappointed.

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