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Lord Of The RIngs (Theatrical Version) Blu-Ray

Okay, I bought the first dvd set of these three films when they came out, and then waitied with most of the public for the extended versions to come out a year later.  Now New Line is doing the same number on the public as before, releasing the theatrical versions of the films in one case, along with dvd extras on dvds (not blu-ray) and making us wait even longer for the films extended versions on blu-ray.  It really sucks that New Line is doing this to fans of the films, who have been devoted and patient for their release on high definition.

This edition really shows that not much effort was put into its release; the films themselves look great but they are bare bone discs with no extras other than BD-Live.  Even the menus are plain and ordinary, without even any animation.  The package itself is also very plain, without an insert or any additional information.

These films, even if they are only the theatrical versions, deserve better than this package.  I’m sure New Line will have the Extended Versions done in time for the holidays, bilking the public to buy the trilogy again, the way it should have been released in the first place.  Rent this edition to enjoy the films; do not buy unless money is no object in your life.

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