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Steven Seagal Lawman Season 1 DVD Review

Steven Seagal fans will get a kick out of the reality series “Lawman.”


Content: B-

Picture: B-

Audio: B-

Extras: B-

For the past 20 years, martial arts movie star Steven Seagal has been a deputy for the Jeffeson Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana. Now, thanks to the reality series “Lawman,” we get a day in the life glimpse of Seagal on the job as he deals with robberies, burglaries, car accidents, drug and weapon cases, deaths, and even Nutria problems. We also see Seagal teach and help fellow Officers as well as see him help out in the community. The first season contains 13 episodes

“Lawman” is essentially COPS with Steven Seagal. It’s a very serious show and yet it can be comedic at times thanks to some strange criminals and Zen Master Seagal’s own behavior. Even though Steven Seagal is a skilled martial artist, he is certainly full of himself and it shows in this series in virtually everything he does. Whether he’s teaching an officer how to shoot a gun more precisely or telling someone how to drive, Seagal loves to show-off. This can be somewhat annoying and it can be entertaining depending on your opinion of Seagal.

Summary: Fans of Steven Seagal will undoubtedly eat this up. For everyone else, it’s not appointment television, but it’s worth a watch if you’re bored.

The picture quality is decent. It’s about what you would expect from a reality show.

The Dolby Digital Stereo track is so-so. It can be hard to hear Seagal at times because his voice is so low. I found myself having to play with the sound levels several times.

Extras include 13 additional scenes titled Bullseye, Music For The Children, Akido Master, Martial Arts Man, Gun Man, Coping With Katrina, Canine Man, Policeman, Bar-B-Que Man, Marksman, The Importance Of Children, Bluesman, and Mojo Priest.

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