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Surrogates DVD Review

While the universe is intriguing, “Surrogates” could have used a stronger plot.

Plot: In the future, humanity has opted to let robotic surrogates experience life for them while humankind stay safely inside their own homes. Alas, safety becomes an issue when a dangerous weapon that kills both the human and the surrogate is discovered. Now, FBI agent Tom Greer (played by Bruce Willis) tries to discover who is not only responsible for the deaths, but who made the weapon. What follows is a series of mysteries filled with twists and turns. The movie is based on the graphic novel of the same name.

As you can tell from the above summary, the plot is fairly limited and therein lies the problem. In a movie with such a fresh, inventive, visually engaging, and provoking vision of mankind’s future, one would hope for a meatier plot to go along with it, but that’s sadly not the case here. Instead, we get a cheap and somewhat predictable murder mystery and a rather routine subplot about Tom’s family to go along with it. I’m not staying the story is bad or boring, but I certainly hoped for something more original as there are so many storytelling possibilties with the set-up of this universe. 

The 2.40:1 widescreen picture quality is crystal clear for a DVD. The stylistic visuals here really shine here.

The Dolby Digtal 5.1 audio track is equally impressive in both the action-packed scenes and the dramatic moments.

The only extras here are a Breaking Benjamin music video and an enjoyable and informative audio commentary by director Jonathan Mostow.

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