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Pandorum Blu-Ray

“Pandorum” is the scary, edge of your seat type of science fiction, with quick edits and added shock value throughout.  Combine two astronauts (Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster) who wake up from hypersleep totally disoriented and not knowing what their mission is all about.  While Quaid stays behind to monitor from a computer, Foster makes his way into the ship to restart the engines and generator.  The erie atmosphere is captured well in this film and as Foster explores the ship, the mystery of what happened to the ship and its crew is slowly revealed.   While the overall plot is well done, and atmosphere within the ship is truly claustrophobic in some scenes, this film is not revolutionary or that thought provoking.  A well done science fiction horror thriller is what this film is about.  The film looks great on blu-ray with excellent black levels and sharp images.  Worth a rent or buy if you are really into this genre of film.

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