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Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Blu-ray Review

Another day, another remake.


Content: C

Picture: A-

Audio: B+

Extras: B

In this remake of Fritz Lang’s film of the same name, an investigative reporter decides to risk his life and career by going undercover as a criminal in order to see if a high-profile lawyer is tampering with crime scenes. The reporter, however, finds himself in hot water when he winds up in jail fighting for his life. It’s up to the reporter’s girlfriend (an assistant D.A. to the lawyer) to help him out and prove his innocence. Of course, there are a few twists and turns along the way to make matters more complicated.

As you can tell from the plot synopsis, this is a ridiculous thriller. It’s hard to care about  the main character (the reporter) when he acts like such a moron throughout the entire film. Any person who willingly puts themselves into a dangerous situation (especially if it’s just for the sake of a career) is no doubt going to get in trouble. Granted, it’s an interesting idea, but it’s poorly executed and frankly, unconvincing. The “plot twists,” which I won’t reveal out of respect to those who will see the movie, don’t help the story either.

Sloppy script aside, it’s the acting that makes the film watchable. Michael Douglas shines as the confident lawyer even though he’s only in the movie for a short time. Jesse Metcalfe and Amber Tamblyn are also fine in their roles. It’s a shame that everyone was wasted in such a mediocre movie.

Summary: Even though it’s an engaging movie, “Beyond A Reasonable Doubt” is filled with story problems that hamper the overall movie. Skip it.

The 1.85:1 1080p picture quality is solid for a Blu-ray release. The colors are sharp looking throughout.

This Blu-ray disc contains Dolby Surround 5.1 and PCM 5.1 Uncompressed audio tracks. The Dolby Surround track is completely flat, but the PCM 5.1 audio track is thankfully pretty lively and does a fine job with the action and the courtroom drama.


* Digital copy.
* Anchor Bay trailers including one for “Beyond A Reasonable Doubt.”
* “Criminal Forensics- The Burden Of Proof”- A 3 ½ minute featurette on forensic science with a real-life Detective talking about the field.
* “The Whole Truth- The Making Of Beyond A Reasonable Doubt” (3:00)- A typical making of with cast and crew interviews, discussions about the script, etc.
* A so-so commentary by Peter Hyams and Jesse Metcalfe. Unfortunately, the audio from the film isn’t muted or turned down and thus interferes with the commentary.

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