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Terminator Salvation Blu-Ray

“Terminator Salvation” is a good action film but not the great film people were expecting for the series.Injecting Christian Bale as John Connor was a way to get this film made but his performance (along with his infamous shouting incident)  did not help the movie much.  Sam Worthington puts in a good performance as the executed killer brought back to life as a confused hybrid, turning out to be more human than Skynet wanted him to be.  Moon Bloodgood plays a tough fighter pilot but swoons way to easy for the Worthington character.  Their romantic scenes were pretty hokey.  Jane Alexander is totally wasted in her role as a caring mother figure in the post nuclear war world.  A CGI Arnold makes a brief appearance  too.  Anton Yelchin as the young Kyle Reese is credible but I kept thinking of him as young Chekov from  the new Star Trek.

Picture is fine in this gray world but lacks a bit of detail that I would expected from Blu-Ray.  The sound however is great and really shows off a surround system in the many action scenes.

Extras on the three disc set include a lot of picture in picture specials including a lengthy commentary from director McG, popups and two 20 minute featurettes on how they brought back the “Terminator” franchise. The set contains both an extended (by 3 minutes) version and the original theatrical version plus a digital copy of the theatrical version.

While the film has some good action sequences, it is not the “Terminator” film most were expecting, with some cheesy dialog and predictable plot twists.  A good rental or buy it on sale now before the  new release price goes up.

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