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DVD Review: The Mighty Boosh Special Edition DVD

If you’re not a specialty DVD distributor a la Criterion or Flicker Alley, your understanding of the marketplace when it comes to DVDs is something like this: put out a bare bones edition first, then  – by either an anniversary of a film’s release date or the proximity to holiday shopping season – release a meatier edition of the same film. Some go one step further, waiting a few years for an even bigger release of a DVD, taking advantage of current advances in home video technology and adding more discs and more gewgaws and special features and whiz bang packaging. As a DVD reviewer, who tends to get each subsequent release for free, it’s pretty cool. For the consumer, it has to be a lot frustrating.

Even more baffling is when it happens for films or TV shows whose market share was pretty slim to begin with. Case in point: the decision to release a seven-disc box set featuring every episode of the three seasons of the surrealistic comedy series The Mighty Boosh mere months after each series had been put out individually. Yes, it is no surprise that this new set arrives a month before Christmas, but it has to come as a surprise for the new fan of the show who doesn’t follow the DVD release date blogs as religiously as others.

So, the question those folks have to be asking is: since I’ve already snagged Seasons 1, 2, & 3, is there any benefit to me picking this up? Unfortunately for the folks at BBC Video, the answer is no.

All this set boasts that the other individual sets cannot is a disc that carries an hour long documentary about the creation of The Mighty Boosh as well as a bevy of other extra material, as well as sharp new packaging that includes art cards and a sheet of stickers. Otherwise, it’s the same six discs with the same episodes and extras as the others. My advice: find a friend who doesn’t own the DVD set, buy this for them as a Christmas gift, and then invite yourself over for a long night of digging through the seventh disc.

If you haven’t picked up any of The Mighty Boosh DVDs at this point, this is the perfect fail swoop to snag everything in one lovely package. Although there might be more TV series and a film in the future, you shouldn’t let that deter you from basking in the weird, sickly glow of this grotesque, unhinged, supremely silly, and strangely brilliant series.

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