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The Answer Man Blu-ray Review

Despite strong performances by the cast, “The Answer Man” suffers from a weak script.


Content: C

Picture: A-

Audio: B+

Extras: B-


The plot: Arlen Faber (author of the acclaimed best seller “Me And God”) is said to be the man with all the answers. He helps out his readers with his book, and yet, he can’t seem to help himself. He’s a stressed loner who hides away from the world. One day, after throwing out his back, he meets a Chiropractic/single mom whom he begins to fall in love with. While all of this is going on, Arlen also meets a young bookstore owner named Kris who is asking Arlen for answers. Can Arlen help others AND turn his life around?

With an impressive cast consisting of Lauren Graham (“The Gilmore Girls”), Olivia Thirby (“Juno”), Jeff Daniels (“Speed”), and Kat Dennings (“Nick And Nora’s Infinite Playlist”), you’d think the talent would make the movie worthwhile. While the cast is strong across the board, they can’t overcome a lackluster script. Writer/director John Hindman’s script is simply indecisive. He doesn’t seem to know where to take the story or what to do with the themes of religion, love, life. Additionally, he stuffs the movie with an awkward subplot involving a recovering alcoholic bookstore owner and some truly goofy, out of place humor like the sequences involving Arlen trying to sell back books or Arlen crawling on his knees from his house to a chiropractor’s office. It’s a jumbled mess of a movie that doesn’t come together as one would hope. It’s a shame since the movie had a lot of potential.


The 1.78:1 1080p picture quality is sharp looking. While this is not a very sound oriented film, the dialogue and music are clear enough on the 5.1 DTS-HD audio track.

* Magnolia trailers, HDNET ad, and BD-live capabilities.
* “HDNet: A Look At The Answer Man”- A 4 ½ minute featurette that essentially sells the movie.
* “Characters Of The Answer Man” (10:00)- The writer/director and the cast talk about the characters in the film.
* “The Answer Man: From Concept To Creation” (10:00)- Writer/director John Hindman and the producers talk about how the film came to screen.
* A decent commentary by John Hindman, Lauren Graham, and Kevin Messick. The trio are clearly passionate about the film and they provide some interesting facts about the production.

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