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Monster’s Inc. Blu-Ray


Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc


The Blu-Ray edition of Monsters, Inc. is loaded with extras and shows off the graphic artistry of the Pixar animation team.  The fourth animated feature from Pixar stars the voices of John Goodman and Billy Crystal, two monsters who accidently bring a human baby girl named Boo into their imaginative universe with hilarious results and a bit of emotion too.What really shines on this HD set though is the picture.  Incredible detail in scenes really show off the talent at Pixar, from changing skin tones to the variations of the fur on Sully.  The sound is also theater quality with the DTS HD MA soundtrack.

Another bonus on this set are the extras, which take up all of the second Blu-Ray disc.  Your get some animated Pixar shorts, tons of production featurettes about the creation of “Monsters”, a game “Ride and Go Seek”, a roundtable of crew who workrd on the film, abandoned concepts plus a dvd copy of the film and a Disney digital copy for your ipod.  Its a tremendous value.

You can’t go wrong with this Blu-Ray set-technically superior picture and sound, a boat load of extras, plus a dvd and digital copy.  Disney continues to offer the best value for the money in home video entertainment.




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