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My Sister’s Keeper Blu-ray Review

“My Sister’s Keeper” is a moving, but flawed drama.







The plot: After being born to essentially donate parts for her Leukemia stricken sister Kate, Anna Fitzgerald decides to sue her parents for the rights to her own body after learning that her parents want her to give a kidney to Kate. The story also flashes back to the past to show the ups and downs the Fitzgerald family has gone through.

While “My Sister’s Keeper” is undeniably hard to watch at times, it is a moving drama that contains topical messages about family, life and rights. The film’s greatest strength, however, is the cast who make the film as believable as possible. Actress Abigail Breslin of “Little Miss Sunshine” really shines as the young Anna, as does Alec Baldwin as a lawyer and Sofia Vassilieva as the Leukemia-stricken Kate.

On the downside, there are several flaws that hurt the film. For one, the film’s structure is somewhat of a mess. Seeing different character’s points of view may be an element that works for a book, but it doesn’t work for the movie primarily because some of the segments (namely Jesse and Brian’s) are severely rushed and underdeveloped. Additionally, I wasn’t a fan of several of director Nick Cassavetes and editors Alan Heim and Jim Flynn’s choices. Several dramatic moments are absolutely ruined by needless popular music montages.

Summary: While not without problems, “My Sister’s Keeper” is still an emotional and heartfelt drama that is worth seeing.

Note: While I haven’t read Jodi Picoult’s novel “My Sister’s Keeper,” I have been told that there have are several differences between the book and film. For example, the ending to the film is dramatically different to that of the book. I felt I should mention this for those who are fans of the book.


This is not the best looking Blu-ray out on the market, but the 2.4:1 1080p picture quality does its job well enough.

I didn’t notice ay problems with the Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio track. The dialogue and music are crisp and clear.


* Digital copy.
* 8 deleted scenes.
* BD-Live capabilities.
* “From Picoult To Screen”- A 13 ½ minute featurette about author Jodi Picoult. The featurette covers her work, her life, the “My Sister’s Keeper” book and the film adaptation.


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