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Brüno DVD Review






Based on the raving reviews on Bruno‘s cover, I was prepared to experience extensive bouts of laughter. What I got was a hit-and-miss serving of more offensive behavior and shocking acts from Sacha Baron Cohen.

The plot for this movie involved Cohen’s gay fashionista, Bruno, setting off to become a celebrity in America. Along the way, he engages in more tasteless activities than you can shake a poodle at. Mimed sex acts, interviewing the parents of child actors (it appears many people don’t really care what it takes to get their children famous), attempting to become straight, the list goes on.  This is definitely not a movie for the easily offended or politically correct.

While I chuckled here and there throughout Bruno, it definitely didn’t leave me in stitches.  Perhaps I just prefer my Baron Cohen in an ill-fitting suit and porn star mustache.  If I had never seen Borat, I may have found Bruno funnier, but I just found it to be a lukewarm follow-up. “Better than Borat“?  Definitely not, but if you’re in an exceptionally immature mood, you will at least be amused.






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