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Patton 360° Season 1 Blu-ray Review

Patton 360° is a well-made educational television series.

In this 10 episode History Channel television series, viewers learn virtually everything about General George S. Patton and his tank battalions during WWII from 1943 to 1945. The episodes focus on Patton’s strategies, the Battle of Guettar, victories/advances in Palermo, Messina, France, and Metz, the Battle of the Bulge, his plan to rescue his son-in-law and other prisoners of war from POW camp, the end of the war, and his accidental death in 1945. Interviews with war veterans such as William Harper, Lawrence Marcus, Peter Havale, Teaford Roebuck, Abraham Braum, Andrew McGlynn, and Harry Feinburg are included. Also included are interviews with historians, current US Sergeants and Colonels and a Patton biographer.

At first, Patton 360° seems like a lot to take in due its flashy, quick cut style that overloads you with CGI reenactments, interviews, stock footage, and narrated information. After a few minutes though, you get used to the show’s style and become transfixed by the fascinating history lesson. The show does a fine job of telling everything like it is. This could have easily been a puff piece for Patton, but it’s not. Sure, we see Patton’s heroic accomplishments and victories in war, but we also see his sometimes offensive and questionable antics (such as when he slapped two soldiers). In addition to information about Patton, many important events of WWII are covered in great depth here as are the horrific tragedies and casualties of war.

All in all, this is another superb History Channel production that is required viewing for those wanting to learn more about Patton and or WWII.


The widescreen 1080p picture obviously varies in quality as it juggles between CGI footage, newly shot interviews, and stock footage. But that’s no big deal.

The interviews, music, sound f/x, and narrator all sound clear on the DTS-HD 2.0 audio track.

No extras on this set.

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